About Us

Noticing back in 2011 there wasn't not a common Website which focused on the Historical Areas of New South Wales, Australia. We decided to form a group called Historical Encounters to fill this pocket, and go out and explore our rich heritage.

Historical Encounters became a member of the Blacktown & District Historical Society in 2012, to help support our local community.

Historical Encounters was founded by Michael Hatherly & Ashleigh Moffatt back in the begining of 2011.

In the end of 2012 Jessalea Leach joined the team providing the team with some new younger insites into the historical field.

Due to personal reasons Ashleigh had to pull back in her involvement in late 2013.

We have many more people who support us either behind the scenes, photographers, researches, explorers and owners of properties, which without their help this would not be possible.



Take Note:

Many Historical Sites are on Private Property, without permission from the owner of the property, you can be charged with trespassing. The maximum penalty for trespassing is a fine ranging from $550- $1100 plus court costs.



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