Services we Provide


Personal Photography

On many occasions we have been requested to take photos of heritage listed or non heritage listed places for clients to obtain a before any renovations/refurbishment or futher destruction occurs of a property.

This is normally free of charge due to the owner allowing us to use the images on our website.

Time Photography

Normally after the Personal Photogrpahy has occured we get called back at certain intervals to measure the progress of restoration or the destruction which has started to occur either due to natural or un-natural causes.

This again is free of charge due to the owner allowing us to use the images on our website.

Personal Research

We do provide a research service, of which may contain a charge depending on the amount of work needed to be provided. Some of the research may be passed onto Historical Societies which match the area you wish answers for. In this case a charge may also be requested.


Normally the way this Presentation Service occurs, is an Organisation or Society requests us to do research on an area/place of which they provide us full access to, so therefore we can collect Images & Video Recording. Research is then performed from a History Side, and collaberated all together to provide a presentation to the group.

Contact Us concerning any charges.


Take Note:

Many Historical Sites are on Private Property, without permission from the owner of the property, you can be charged with trespassing. The maximum penalty for trespassing is a fine ranging from $550- $1100 plus court costs.



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