Boambee is a suburb in the city of Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Boambee is west of Sawtell on the Pacific Highway. It is divided into two sections: semi-rural Boambee and the more suburban Boambee East. These suburbs are divided by the Pacific Highway. (wikipedia)

1882 saw the establishment of the first sugar mill in Boambee by James Newport, who was the first to grow sugar cane in the region. August Schneider opened another mill in 1883.

Boambee railway station was opened in August 1917, closing in 1946. In the years prior to 1917 the area had been served by a sliding.

Boambee Half-Time School opened in February 1902 and continued as such until closing in April 1906. The closure was short-lived,being re-opened as Boambee Provisional School in May 1906. This was converted to a Public School in July 1907 suggesting that the school population had increased to the twenty required then for the creation of a public school. (wikipedia)

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