Talbingo is a small town in New South Wales, Australia at the edge of the Snowy Mountains on the Snowy Mountains Highway. The town is 410 metres above sea level. It is on the Tumut River, which has been inundated by Jounama Pondage.

Talbingo resident Jack Bridle, whose family were early settlers of the area, suggests the name to be a corruption of the English word “tall” and the Aboriginal words “Binji”, “Binge” or “Bingo” meaning belly. Mount Talbingo resembles the big belly of a man lying down. (wikipedia)

Talbingo Post Office opened on 6 June 1898 and closed in 1913 before reopening in 1965 in its new location. The original township was flooded under Jounama Pondage in 1968. The town was moved to make way for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme.

Before the move, Talbingo consisted of a hotel, the station and its homestead. There was also a service station and some holiday cabins. It was a small settlement and only five families were displaced by the move.

Snowy Mountains Scheme
Jounama Pondage was completed in 1968. Jounama Dam is a rockfill dam, 43.9m tall, with a crest length of 518.2m and an embankment volume of 554,500 cubic metres. The modern township of Talbingo is located on the shores of Jounama and construction of the dam flooded the historic valley and Talbingo township below, which was the birthplace of author Miles Franklin and location of the Talbingo Hotel. (wikipedia)

Places of Interest
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